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I am the administrator here.

Remember to set the "List this account on the directory" in your profile if you want people to be able to find you.

If you unfollow and follow the @WelcomeBot it will welcome you.

epic mega games epic lawsuit against apple 

i don't even care who wins this is hilarious

I believe what we have here is a "reverse alien versus predator" type situation wherein whoever loses, we win #freefortnite

going to write a book called "leaving well enough alone for dummies" and send it to every designer employed by a major internet website company

I have never read a more condescending error message (it expects 3, I provided 2)

Perhaps a stupid question. Why doesn't Australia use space lasers to do hazard reduction burns? this is from a designer/artist perspective, but the literal same thing applies to hackathons, and you should refuse to have anything to do with them if possible.

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Just necro-answered a stackoverflow question from over a month ago about gitlab-ci and docker multiarch.

I'm officially addicted to .

I'll have to change my facial interface for one that supports a higher saturation of Saber sweat.

Wtf Anu staff, you bootlickers!

Don't let the capitalists take your wages in exchange for literally nothing!


tune in to the ANU Laptop Ensemble final gig livestream - this Friday night from 8pm AEST

details at


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