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“All mushrooms are edible, but some are edible only once.”
- Lithuanian proverb about life.

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As college students head back to school, we want to repeat this message from a university librarian: software that monitors students during tests perpetuates inequality and violates their privacy. Universities need to stop using them. bit.ly/3hj9Dqb

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There might be a last-minute PhD studentship at Bristol. PM me if you like at least two of: PL, categories, HoTT, logical relations, homotopies, process calculus.

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Is it better to indent your code from left to right or right to left? Been hearing different opinions

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Any category theory / database students interested in a job working through the papers at categoricaldata.net/papers and turning them into white papers aimed at working database professionals? If so send us a direct message!

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The real difference between industry and academia is that in one you make six figures, and the other you make tikz figures.

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Does anyone know a good place to get bulk peanut butter (without sugar, preservatives, stabilisers) in Australia? I currently buy 5 jars of @MayversProducts@twitter.com peanut butter a week, but it would be handy if I could buy a big tub instead.

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Why formal verification is necessary for the softwares used in democratic process?
Australian Govt paid 2 Million Dollars [1] to develop a contact tracing app, COVIDSafe, which so far has detected 0 case despite 6 million downloads.

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ANU has cancelled the school holiday program with 2 weeks' notice as a budget measure. This decision has equity implications for people (women) who have been caring for their children during COVID and smoke all year.

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tune in to the ANU Laptop Ensemble final gig livestream - this Friday night from 8pm AEST

details at facebook.com/events/2563515850

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Turns out there's a new school zone, speed humps and a pedestrian crossing on the road next to our house now. I wonder how long ago they were put in haha

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Leaving the house for the first time in nearly 3 months 😬

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I'm looking for work in formal methods or functional programming. remote or in Sydney. is there much going?
I'm currently working in the formal methods team of a small self-driving car company, where I've been partially verifying hardware schematics and microcontroller code.

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Check out my new keyboard!
It's just got 7 switches and a button. You know binary, yeh?
Just enter the binary value of the character you want to type, and then push the button. Nothing could be simpler!

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We are happy to present , a proposal for a privacy-preserving proximity tracing protocol, developed by @Inria@twitter.com and @FraunhoferAISEC@twitter.com, and led by Privatics team @PrivaticsInria@twitter.com : github.com/ROBERT-proximity-tr [1/n]

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