Zango Gungahlin property of the week. 30 Turbayne Crescent FORDE

Maintained to exacting standards and with some minor but thoughtful changes to the original build, this is a home to live in and enjoy.

As My Gungahlin strengthens its place in our local community, we're delighted to announce that we've joined the Region Media stable. It's a great move as we grow: here's how our story is developing next.

The ACT government have a survey out to understand how business conditions have progressed since light rail commenced operations between Gungahlin and the city one year ago. ...

Calls for a new Gungahlin police station by @AFPAssociation @DavidPollard_20 - Independent for Yerrabi 2020

Buy at least 1 $10 ticket in my Need for Speed Raffle and I will send you a My Gungahlin pen, fridge magnet and sticker!

Buy your tickets via this link:

.@TCCS_ACT @suburbanland Can you please review the reduced speed limit on Horse Park Drive for "road works" in front of Taylor. The road works finished awhile ago now.

I saw a Tweet the other day that said "We are currently living in a future history lesson." Let's be remembered for being kind and generous. Together we will get through this.

Vehicle break-ins are often opportunistic crimes. Even when your car is locked, it’s not impenetrable; take the time to secure it and do not leave valuables in the vehicle!

@TCCS_ACT A Fix My Street request was raised for this hazard on a shared path earlier this week. Hopefully it can be cleared soon. Location -35.167871,149.117454 in Google maps.

Car shopping in Canberra is like The Hunger Games. May the odds be ever in your favour.

.@TCCS_ACT Whatever you are trying on Horsepark Drive at Whitrod and Burramurra roundabout isn't working. Really should have painted two lanes into and out of the roundabout in both directions in the first place.

Australia Post is out delivering mail and parcels today.

North Canberra Business Hub is open today.

Gungahlin Post Office is open until 6pm today and tomorrow for parcel collections that are to be collected there.
- MyGungahlin

Update from Australia Post

North Canberra Business Hub is closed until further notice.

Gungahlin Post office at Gungahlin Village will be open extended hours today and tomorrow until 6pm to help facilitate collection of parcels.
- MyGungahlin

I just got updated Australia Post North Canberra Business Hub is open today.
- MyGungahlin

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