Travelling from for the ? Wet and windy weather is expected for some parts of the coast next week so check the graphical forecasts before you go:

Good morning . After a frosty start with a minimum of -2.5 this morning, today will be partly cloudy and 14 degrees.
Showers are expected to develop late Friday with a wet weekend on the cards, so make the most of the coming dry days.

If you headed outside for lunch you'd have noticed it was cold - just 7.8 degrees at 1pm.
Fog over the city is now thinning, and a sunny afternoon should see temperatures quickly head towards the forecast max of 13 degrees.

Good morning . To start the working week areas of fog and patches of light frost this morning will give way to a mostly sunny afternoon with light winds.
Remaining dry until Friday when possible showers may develop.

SHEEP GRAZIER'S WARNING: for cold temperatures, showers and southwesterly winds are expected today and Saturday for the ACT.
There is a risk of losses of lambs and sheep exposed to these conditions.

SHEEP GRAZIER'S WARNING: cold temperatures, showers and westerly winds are expected during Friday for the Australian Capital Territory forecast district.
There is a risk of losses of lambs and sheep exposed to these conditions.

Windy conditions, showers and the chance of a gusty thunderstorm on the way for the this morning. Showers more likely about the ranges.
Keep an eye on the radar and any warnings at

The June Climate Summary has been issued for the . Maximum and minimum temperatures and rainfall at Canberra Airport were slightly above average for the first half of 2020.
Read more here:

Good morning and . Today's weather will be mild and mostly sunny with a top of 15 degrees.
Light winds will become NW 15 to 20 km/h in the middle of the day, becoming light again in the late afternoon. A cooler change Friday.

A cold front will affect from Thursday, with windy conditions and a few showers possible.
Mild north westerly winds ahead of the change will see Canberra reach 15 on Wednesday, a few degrees above average.

Good morning . After dropping to exactly zero this morning, Canberra will warm to a pleasant 14 degrees later.
Tomorrow will be a mild 15 degrees and partly cloudy ahead of a cold change Thursday with showers.

Happy Monday . Whether you are taking the kids out like Mrs Kangaroo, or heading off to work, the weather this week will see temperatures slowly climb ahead of a cold front Thursday with possible showers, followed by a chilly Friday.

The low cloud that has kept Canberra in the refrigerator this morning is now clearing, meaning that temperatures should now start to warm up, with a top of 12 expected this afternoon.

It was a frosty start in the this morning with -3.2 at Tuggeranong and -1.6 at Canberra Airport.
Turn up the heating as is in the forecast until early next week when temperatures will dip as low as around -3.0.

Still foggy in parts of Canberra this morning but it should start to clear to a mostly sunny day. To understand how fog forms see our explainer at:

Mild temperatures across parts of the ACT overnight as a blanket of cloud covers much of the region. Note the ripples in the cloud caused by the wind as it passes over the mountains

For and the its a week of frosty starts and cool days with maximum temperatures between just 11 and 14 degrees coming up - so like the sheep in the picture, you'll need a woolly jumper to keep warm this week!

SHEEP GRAZIER'S WARNING: cold temperatures, showers and westerly winds are expected for the remainder of Monday for the ACT.
There is the risk of losses of sheep and lambs exposed to these conditions.

The ACT will remain mostly fine today, with the chance of a little snow on the higher parts of the Brindabellas down to about 1000 metres.
Cold mornings and cool to mild but fine days will follow for the rest of the week.
Latest forecast:

Yesterday was the winter and shortest day of the year. Today the sun rose a tiny bit earlier than yesterday and the day will be just a little bit little longer. There's still plenty of winter weather to come though!
Read about the solstice here:

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