"It works sometimes." That's @VTeagueAus's assessment of the app, which has had a whole variety of bugs - including that it doesn't auto update very well.
LISTEN🎧as she explains its "dumb bugs" & other privacy issues to @hamishNews.

Should Australia be using technology?

"To decide, we need to answer fundamental questions about the kind of people, and the kind of society, we want to be", say @sethlazar, Claire Benn & Mario Günther.



The pilot program to arrange safe passage for some @ouranu & @UniCanberra offshore students to safely join us in Canberra for Semester 2 has been postponed.
This decision was taken by @VC_anu & @paddynixon.

Learn more: t.co/6zPeP2B3zz

1/3 👇 t.co/ee78DnBV8N

The new transformers: an Australian-first trial will look at how can be used to back up our power grid. Read more from Bjorn Sturmberg: t.co/D3TUJD8SBq

@AnuGrid @NissanElectric @ARENA_aus @ScienceANU @Actewagl

Australians are more stressed from , new research has confirmed😰

But the good news is parents with kids in their household say their relationships have improved 👏

t.co/GbOONbPyJi t.co/annXZtEROP

Huge congratulations to @LoeskeKruuk who has been awarded a prestigious @arc_gov_au Laureate Fellowship👏 Prof Kruuk will use $3.3M in funding to determine the effects of changing environments on wild animal populations across Australia. t.co/LvK8PAgTRM t.co/lw4Kz0usih

Discouraged workers: The number of Australians actively looking for work has fallen, according to the latest study from the @WhatAustThinks team.

But the has not affected all workers equally. LEARN MORE: t.co/ah3iQwLJ3Y

policy update: Australia's most significant strategic review since the 1970s & "a very clear shift away from our past practice of trying to cooperate with the United States in regional & international coalitions", @AOCarr tells @danielhurstbne.

Space will help Australia recover from , says @AstronomerAnna in @ConversationEDU. "The industry helps economic recovery because it operates at many scales from small research projects to large multi-disciplinary initiatives."@anuinspace t.co/zepoLd5uAi

Canberra has been free for almost a month & sewage samples confirm no hidden transmission of in the ACT.

@tomlowrey reports on the results of sewage collection & testing by @A__Lal & @JCSMR.


“This black hole is growing so rapidly that it's shining thousands of times more brightly than an entire galaxy” ⚫️🔦💫

Chris Onken & Christian Wolf chat to @CNN about the Universe's fastest growing .

@StromloANU @scienceANU t.co/ZuMQY8KFxZ

“We simply do not have the option of leaving ourselves open to nasty bullying and coercion — or worse — from any foreign power,” says Paul Dibb on the Government’s new defence plan.

@ANU_SDSC @ANUBellSchool @ANUasiapacific


The links between and are well established, says @pbatterham from @ANUPopHealth, but the sudden impact of has made the relationship even more noticeable.



No trace of in sewage, ANU testing confirms.

"These are excellent outcomes & show the Canberra community are listening to & following health advice," says @A__Lal.

@JCSMR @scienceANU

Australia needs a new unemployment system for our new reality, writes @elisejklein with @JohnQuiggin & @TroyCHenderson. They say a “living wage” for all would cost less than $30B a year.

@ANUCrawford @ANUasiapacific

Many "charlatans" out there "say you just need a couple of green smoothies & yoga to fix anxiety disorder”, warns @GPswampwarrior. But diagnoses are complex & people deserve a professional assessment. @juliepower @ANUMedSchool

How can we flatten the curve if we have messed up the ?

Experts say we need new rules for modelling. "Models shouldn't predict more certainty than they allow for," says Gabriele Bammer of @ANUPopHealth.


New interactive map tracks responses to & assesses what's working & what's not. Published by @ourANU specialist website @APPSPolicyForum, the map provides important data & insights for researchers, public servants & members of the public.
t.co/I6OMP8yG2F t.co/aFCVNKAc2v

Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

The polls might have got the federal election outcome wrong, but if we looked at the memes, we may have known our political future.

Learn more about the memes that tipped the election t.co/zClGuEZlFq t.co/BnbxPYOB7x

People can transmit to pets. @sanj971 shares 4 unusual things we have learnt about since the pandemic started in @ConversationEDU. @ANUMedSchool @scienceANU

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