By the end of Get Ready Weekend, you, your family & your home should be ready for any emergency. Use today to finalise any jobs which may help you to be better prepared. As always, you can find information at

It’s Get Ready Weekend!

What actions do you need to take to be emergency ready?

We’ve created a to-do list for you to tick off this weekend. Easy!

Head over to for all the information you need.

Some pics of our wonderful ACTSES Recruits completing their Storm Water Damage Course. Over 8 wks the volunteers learn skills to make temporary repairs & protect property. Internal tarping is used to divert water outside & prevent flooding & further damage.

A birds-eye view on what you should include in your .

Are you emergency ready?

Now is the time to prepare. For more information visit

Each year ACTSES supports the Wall to Wall Ride for Remembrance to pay respect to police officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. Pialligo Unit were honoured to attend a small ceremony at the National Police Memorial on Saturday with our friends in blue.

Meet Simon, an Intensive Care Paramedic with ACT Ambulance Service. He has completed two deployments across Australia to provide assistance and knowledge where needed for the COVID-19 pandemic.. Thank you for everything!

Yesterday, Commissioner Whelan signed a Memorandum of Understanding with @ADC_Australia which focuses on staff exchanges & training to enhance knowledge & practical skills - particularly in complex operational environments.

We’re one team with one dream, to keep you all safe.

A torch with spare batteries belongs in your home emergency kit just like pickles belong in the bin.

Our services are always refreshing their skills to enhance community safety!

Here’s a few pics from the latest ‘Basic Trim and Cross Cut Chainsaw Refresher Course’ for @ACTRFS members, held at Hume and Denman Prospect.

Nice work, team!

Image Credit: Gary Hooker

Applications to become a firefighter with @ACTFireRescue close on Monday, 14th September 2020 at 9AM.

Visit our website for everything you need to know:

Late applications will not be accepted, so make sure you’re

The 19th-20th September is Get Ready Weekend. Storm Season has recently begun & Bushfire Season is around the corner.Our staff & volunteers are preparing all year. They need you to do your bit, too. It’s never too early to be prepared.

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