The death toll and damage bill from wildfires in the US continues to rise.

Omeo in Victoria's Gippsland region has had a tough year, but locals are looking to the future and getting creative.

Virginia Trioli reflects on the realities of lockdown in Melbourne and Victoria.

Lovely story about caring for koalas that were injured and displaced by last summer's bushfires.

Volunteer firefighters are again being recognised for their efforts last summer as bushfire affected communities continue their recovery journey.

Australia certainly doesn't have a monopoly on severe weather. In the northern hemisphere typhon and hurricane season continues

Royal commission interim report says "watch and act" adds to confusion in times of bushfires and that a national emergency warning system must be prioritised.

Top End fire fighters are anxiously waiting the wet season to end the unprecedented bushfire risk, but what's causing the catastrophic conditions?🔥

What are the scientific limits of manipulating the Earth's environment and would public opinion ever allow it to happen?

Hanging out for some warmer days where you are? The spring weather outlook is becoming clearer.

While it's very much feeling like winter in the southern half of the country, things are warming up for the Northern Territory's bushfire season

The very cold weather has arrived for NSW and the ACT 🌨️ Plenty of snow, but also road closures. Take care and rug up. 🥶

As if it wasn't cold enough in south-eastern Australia already! Advice is to consider your need to travel in the coming days.

In eastern Australia it's looking like it might be a good idea to keep a raincoat or umbrella handy in the coming months.

Thinking of warmer weather in the middle of Australia's winter? This is probably taking things to far though!

It's spectacular when water is released from a big dam and that's happening in some parts of NSW as a result of a very wet winter.

Something unusual in the weather pattern this week is bring rain to many parts of southern Australia. What's going on???

After another wet weekend flooding is easing for most of the NSW South Coast.

From PNG with love 💓 The unexpected generosity warming hearts in bushfire affected Merimbula.

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